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Sing by Vivi Greene, Harper Teen, 2016. ISBN: 9780062459831. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.


Lily Ross may have been successful as a pop singer, but in love, not so much. After her latest heartbreak, she decides to hide away on a small Maine island, heal her emotional wounds and work on her next album. Good plans, but we all know about making plans…They’re why God laughs a lot.

She ends up in a summer cottage owned by her good friend Tess’ dad. Healing from heartbreak can’t happen on a predictable schedule, nor can getting back on the performance horse. At first, Lily gives some serious thought to bagging her career, but enter Noel Bradley, a quiet local guy near her age. He’s safe and there’s an instant connection between them, but Lily doesn’t dare let herself feel too much, at least not at the beginning. However, small town people and Maine islands have a way of growing on you and Lily is no exception. As the summer progresses, so do her creativity, self-confidence and determination to write her new album. While things are coming together for her career, what will in terms of her heart? Read the book and find out. Teens who like a story about a likable celebrity or a good summer romance will find a lot of satisfaction in this one.


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