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Cultural Traditions in Jamaica

Cultural Traditions in Jamaica, by Lynn Peppas, Crabtree Publishing, 2015. ISBN: 9780778780625. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.


This very colorful book is both enlightening and fun to read. I had almost no awareness of Jamaican culture or holiday traditions save for a superficial knowledge of Reggae and Rastafarianism. That changed pretty fast when I read this book. It will captivate young readers with its illustrations and descriptions of holidays and celebrations they’ve never heard of. I came away impressed with the richness and variety of celebrations. Young readers will, I expect, have a similar experience and in the process, gain an appreciation for how closely history, culture and ethnic diversity have come together on this Caribbean island to preserve important aspects of history and custom.

Certain snippets will catch individual readers attention; things like a holiday that changed name and date, one that is quite recent and what is left overnight in water on another holiday to help predict the future. This is a good book for libraries interested in expanding awareness of how varied our world is to add.


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