Denton Little’s Still Not Dead

Denton Little’s Still Not Dead, by Lance Rubin. 8 compact discs-9 hours. Penguin Random House Audio, 2017. ISBN: 9780553556056. $28.09. Gr. 8 Up- Reviewed by John R. Clark.

How would you feel if you lived in a world where almost everyone knew their deathdate and all of a sudden, you lived past yours? Then you meet your real mom who supposedly died giving birth to you, but is determined to eliminate deathdates. For teenage Denton Little, this is his new reality. Before he can process this, he’s being pursued by DIA (Death Investigation Agency ) agents intent upon eliminating him, his mother is trying to hide him and he’s determined to find a way to save his best friend Pablo from his just days away deathdate, while maybe hooking up with Pablo’s older sister.

What follows are car chases, people who aren’t exactly who/what he thought they were, girls who are into him, a few definitely not into him and some pretty intricate maneuvers to evade the DIA. Add in Denton discovering family secrets aplenty, a really odd way for other kids to avoid their deathdates and the oddest graduation night you’ve ever read about and you have a fun read.

The author does a great job as narrator, making Denton sound like the hormone infused kid he is. Verdict: While it helps to have read the first book, there’s plenty in this one to amaze and entertain listeners. Be aware that the language is pretty salty at times, but for libraries where this isn’t a big issue, this is a definite addition.


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