Clothing in Different Places

Clothing in Different Places by Adrianna Morganelli, Crabtree Publishing, 2015. ISBN: 9780778720102. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.


Like many Crabtree books, this is divided into several two page chapters: Our global community, Sharing a need, hot weather, cold weather, school clothes, work clothes, traditional clothing, materials and notes to educators. Readers are introduced to the idea that clothing around the world varies greatly in material, utility, style and color with examples of animal skins, alpaca hair fiber and head garb designed to protect breathing in harsh deserts. From there, the book explains the differences between clothing in terms of customs, then by how the body needs different fabric, thickness and climate conditions, particularly in extreme heat and cold. Different influences in school clothes around the world are touched upon, such as the prevalence of green and white in Burma and how some Chinese students are allowed to help design their own uniforms. Differences in work clothing is touched upon and some of the more colorful costumes like wedding outfits in India and Korea are shown along with festive garb like kilts and traditional Native American clothing. While interesting and well illustrated, this is a very basic introductory work.


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Filed under Grade K-3, Nonfiction

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