Animals That Live in Social Groups

Animals That Live in Social Groups by Bobbi Kalman, Crabtree Publishing, 2016. ISBN: 9780778727873. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.


Like many of the books Bobbi Kalman writes, this is information rich and easy to understand. She introduces younger readers to the concept of social groups by listing some of the names given to specific collections of animals—A mob of meerkats, a cotery of prairie dogs, etc. She differentiates between nuclear families and larger groups, then shows five groups of birds, insects and animals, challenging readers to match each with the name assigned to the group.

Specific groups of social animals and birds are covered in subsequent sections, beginning with elephants, then wolves, dolphins, penguins, lions, various species of apes, lemurs. meerkats and prairie dogs. Each group’s size, cohesion, fidelity and communication is covered, accompanied by well laid out photos. At the end is a two page section that encourages readers to reflect on how the information about animal groups relates to human social structure.

This is a good introductory work that will fit well in both school and public libraries where it can serve as a gateway to more complex and in depth material.


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Filed under Grade 4-6, Grade K-3, Nonfiction

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