The Bad Boy Bargain

The Bad Boy Bargain by Kendra C. Highley, Entangled Publishing (November 14, 2016). ISBN: 9781682813355.

bad boy

Secrets, everyone has them, but for Kyle Sawyer, they’ve become so many and so involved, it’s almost impossible to unweave and get past them when he finds a reason to do so. That reason is singer and ballerina Faith Gladwell. After being dumped and lied about by her crass and shallow boyfriend, she’s desperate to cut a deal with a hot guy and fake-tarnish her reputation. When Kyle is hired by her mom to redo their back yard, he seems like the perfect guy for the job.

Trouble is, between their growing attraction and his web of fake badness, getting there isn’t easy. Wrapped around her starring in Oklahoma and his two loves-baseball and landscaping, this becomes a really nice love story that reads fun and fast.


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Filed under Fiction, Grade 10-12

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