Energy Engineering and Powering the Future

Energy Engineering and Powering the Future by Jonathan Nixon, Crabtree Publishing, 2016. ISBN: 9780778775393. Reviewed by John R. Clark, MLIS.


This is an in-depth (for the age group) look at an emerging branch of engineering. It begins by describing the eight step process engineers use to go from a problem to a solution. It then takes readers through each step by combining actual challenges, history of engineering relevant to energy and challenges facing the goal of lowering global warming as well as such aspects of the clean energy challenge as location, environmental challenges and unintended consequences. It does a very good job of exposing readers to the hurdles encountered in such branches of clean or cleaner energy as solar, wind, water, nuclear and geothermal.

Youngsters who take the time to read this book carefully and thoroughly will have a solid place from which to learn more complex and challenging aspects of the subject. It, like others in the series, is a good one to consider for school and public libraries.


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Filed under Grade 4-6, Nonfiction

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