Welcome to New Zealand: A nature journal

Cover ArtWelcome to New Zealand: A nature journal.  Written by Sandra Morris.  Reviewed by Cheryl M. Coffin.

This informational text gives clear instructions on how to create a nature journal, and it includes a number of educational activities.   It is a great choice for children who enjoy studying nature and documenting what they see.

The illustrations are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, done in muted, natural tones.  Although the text is based upon the flora and fauna of New Zealand, the activies are general enough to be applied to any location in which local wildlife can be observed.

A must-have for children passionate about the arts, writing and/or those that just enjoy spending time in nature.





Filed under Grade 4-6, Grade 7-9, Grade K-3, Nonfiction

2 responses to “Welcome to New Zealand: A nature journal

  1. Ice

    What a pleasure to find someone who idieeiftns the issues so clearly

  2. cheb65

    The journal is so well crafted it is hard not to be enthusiastic about it!

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